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Our identity, mission, and vision, demonstrate who we are and flow from what we believe.

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Learn more about us

Our identity, mission, and vision, demonstrate who we are and flow from what we believe.​

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Our Identity

At Bethany Baptist Church we want to know who God has declared us to be in His Word so that we can live as He desires. We don’t want to be confused about ourselves, and we don’t want others to be confused about us.

Therefore, we affirm we are a gathered people that are growing by God’s grace.


Formed by the Word

The God of heaven creates by His Word. He has given us new life through the Word about Christ, and He has united our church around this Gospel of Christ.
Gods Word
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United to Christ

We are not merely individuals who have been saved; we are a people who have been drawn together by our shared life in Jesus.



Rescued by Grace

Jesus Christ’s perfect life, substitutionary death, and once-for-all resurrection are our only hope. We can do nothing to earn God’s favor.
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Living by Faith

We believe in things we cannot see. We hold to truth we have received. We long for the One who is bringing us home.



Existing for God's Glory

God saved us in order to display His mercy for all eternity. We are His trophies. We are here for Him and because of Him.
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Our Mission

To proclaim the glories of Christ in Brevard and beyond in order to make and to gather His followers

There are many good works which churches can do. There are many activities which individuals will do. But there is only one thing which the church must do. Before Jesus went back to heaven, He gave His followers a task. Our Lord’s final words determine the mission of the church – the mission of our church.

You can read more about the mission of Bethany Baptist Church by clicking on the mission document.

Our Vision

That God would save, satisfy, and send people in Jesus’ name.

We serve an infinite and all-powerful God. A God who shakes mountains and transforms lives. He has done amazing works throughout history, and we long to see Him work in our day. Therefore, we will pray for great things, expect great things, and work for great things because we serve a great God.

You can read more about the vision of Bethany Baptist Church by clicking on the vision document.

Our Core Values

The core values of any organization reflect who they are and what they believe. At Redeemer Church, we have six core values we promote through every aspect of our ministry.

The Glory of God

God is glorious, and everything exists to give him glory. Everything from the purpose of creation to humanity, to the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ, indeed everything, is for the glory of God because he is amazing! We glorify God when we are satisfied in Him, and we glorify God when we align ourselves and our lives with who God is and what God desires for us; we glorify God when we make much of the salvation He has provided for us in Jesus.


When we say that Redeemer is a gospel centered church, we align ourselves with a reformed tradition of how we believe the Scriptures teach us about the doctrine of God, man, sin, and salvation. We believe that God is central in the planning, accomplishing, applying and initiating our salvation. Everything we do at Redeemer is centered on the gospel, proclaiming the good news that Jesus paid it all.


We believe in the active presence and ministry of the Holy Spirit and the continuation of all spiritual gifts for the believer today. The work of the Holy Spirit is to manifest the active presence of God in the world and especially in the church. Therefore, we are eager to experience the presence and ministry of the Holy Spirit at Redeemer from the moment our gathering begins to the very end. And then we seek to walk by the Spirit as we scatter into our lives.


The Scriptures teach us we are all hard-wired for relationships. When God created us in His image, He created us as relational beings, just like He is. At Redeemer Church, we honor God’s design by emphasizing the necessity of making disciples together in community. You will find opportunities to belong and participate in growing relationships with others. No longer alone, but loving, serving and caring for one another in the church is our goal.

Expositional Preaching

At Redeemer, we are committed to expository preaching—meaning, we typically preach through entire books of the Bible, paragraph by paragraph, seeking to allow each text to instruct and transform us. As pastors, we believe the most significant thing we can do for those we are called to serve is to preach the word of God to our church faithfully. When we listen to, respond and apply God’s word to our lives, we grow!

Transfer the Gospel

The Great Commission gives the church a wonderful assignment—to participate in spreading the gospel throughout the world. Therefore, our mission includes reaching the world and passing the good news on to others. This obligation is both corporate and personal. We must all own the responsibility and privilege to communicate the good news in our homes, families, neighborhoods, workplaces, or schools. Our ultimate hope is to see churches planted and missionaries sent from Redeemer Church.

Meet the Leadership

Our pastors love the Lord, the Word of God, and the community in and around Bethany Baptist Church.


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